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A bit about our Products

Supporting Local Growers

We have strains from Cowboy RX, Genesis Organics, 4:21 Farms, Goldfish Farms, and more! We only buy the best of the best.

Concentrates, also known as cannabis oil or extract, is a product that is made by using cannabis buds and trimmings. They are soaked with liquified butane; this is done to separate trichomes, crystals with high concentrations of terpenes and cannabinoids, from the plant. It is then heated and agitated to purge the butane out of the mixture. The agitation process (whipping, shaking, stirring) is what creates the concentrate’s consistency and type (sugar, crumble, badder, etc.) It is left to rest afterwards. Concentrates typically range from 50%-90% THC. You can smoke concentrates in a variety of ways; you can use a wax pen or vaporizer, a nectar collector, or more commonly used, a rig. Warm the rig’s banger, or the nectar collector’s tip with a torch to achieve the heat needed to burn/melt the concentrate.

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Cannabis, also known as flower or marijuana, is the dried leaves and buds coming from the Cannabis Sativa, and Cannabis Indica plants. Breeders later crossed these two plants and created the commonly known Hybrid strain type. The Sativa strain type is known for its euphoric, energizing, and uplifting effects. The Indica stain type is known for its relaxing, calming, and sedating effects. The Hybrid strain type is known for the mixture of both Sativa and Indica, usually Sativa-dominant or Indica-dominant. You can smoke cannabis in a variety of ways; you can smoke it in papers or wraps, from a pipe, or from a water bong.

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Pre-rolls, or pre-rolled joints is cannabis grinded down and packed into joint papers. It saves the trouble of having to pack or roll a joint yourself, are portable, and has the convenience of it being readily available to consume. Pre-rolls can come in any strain type, and are usually available in a half gram or a full gram.

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Edibles is term used to describe a food that is infused with cannabis. This is done with a fat-soluble base, such as butter or oil. There is a wide variety in edible selections these days, including gummies, chocolate, brownies, cookies, drinks, etc. Something important to remember when taking an edible is to eat a fatty food such as cheese, peanut butter, nuts or eggs. The reason behind this is to increase your body’s absorption of the cannabinoids in the edible. In other words, you will feel the edible faster and the effects will last longer. Available in 100mg packages for recreational customers.

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 Cartridges, or cannabis cartridges are usually glass cylinder containers, prefilled with a cannabis oil. They attach to a battery; the battery has hot plates that vaporize the oil and allow cannabis consumption in a fast-acting and discreet way. Cartridges can come in half grams or full grams. Disposables are similar in nature; the main difference in this product is that you don’t need an additional device to vaporize it. It comes attached to a battery already; once you finish the oil, you can dispose of the entire thing in the trash. The oil in these is typically made using a process of CO2 extraction, which helps to preserve the integrity of the plant's natural compounds. They come in a variety of flavors and are also available in different strains and ratios of THC.

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Cartridges and Disposables

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